Class 7 Student Kills Self After Teachers Scold Her for Period Stain

Submitted by admin on Thu, 08/31/2017 - 13:33

A Class 7 student from Tamil Nadu’s Tirunelveli ended her life after being scolded by her teachers over period stains on her school uniform.

The student jumped off the terrace of her neighbour's house at around 3 am on Wednesday and left a suicide note. “There was no complaint against me when I was studying in 6th standard. Now, why is she complaining against me so much? What mistake did I do? Why is the teacher tormenting me? I am not able to bear it," the girl said in the hand-written note.

“I agreed, I lied to the teacher. But she should not torture me by harassing me... I don't know the way to protect myself... I am committing suicide,” she said.

The teacher, who has been charged with abetting suicide, also gave the girl a cloth to use rather than a sanitary napkin, before taking her to the principal. The headmistress also chided the girl for “not knowing how to conduct herself during her periods”.

After reports of the harassment and subsequent suicide broke, people came out in protest outside the local police station demanding action against the school and the teachers.